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Jonathan Creek Fire & Rescue


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The Jonathan Creek Fire Department began in 1982, as a hope of getting a fire protection service in place for the community.  Though the department recieved its charter, no action was taken for almost four years.  In 1986, a large house burnt in the community, only yards from a large pond.  Community members could only watch as the house slowly burned down.  This was the determining factor in getting a fire department started.  On Feburary 4th, 1986, a community meeting was held to discuss the idea.  Almost 100 community members came to the meeting.  It was decided that night that there was going to be a Jonathan Creek Fire Department. 
Our first priority was getting a fire truck.  Hazelwood Fire Department was kind enough to loan us a 1950 Ford fire engine for $1 per year. With this truck, we could now fight fire in the community.  However, we needed a spot to house our fire truck.  Mr. Powell, a local business man, allowed us to use his large red barn to house the trucks and form a temporary fire station. 
Now that we had the necessary equipment to fight fire, we could begin training our members.  During the month of March 1986, we trained rigorously on how to fight fire and by April 1986, we were active and responding to calls. Work began on our first permanent fire station in July 1986, and was completed in September 1986.  Though just a cinder block building, it was a place we could call our own. 
Soon after moving into our new station, we recieved two more fire trucks to add to our fleet.  A local oil company donated a 1969 GMC oil tanker to serve as a water tanker, allowing us to carry more water to a fire scene. We also got a 1975 Dodge fire engine, that the City of Sunrise, Florida had in reserve status.  We were now fully equipped to fight any large fire that might occur in the district. Soon afterwards, we were rated by the NC Dept. of Insurance and recieved an ISO rating of 9.  This was a major accomplishment for such a young department. 
The year 1987 brought about two major improvements to the Jonathan Creek Fire Department.  First of all, we were approved to set up a tax district.  This would charge citizens a small amount of tax on their property.  This would greatly help us purchase necessary equipment and pay costs.  Secondly the station started a First Responder program.  Now, if any citizen was experiencing any sort of medical difficulties, they could call 911 and the fire department would respond to administer first aid until Haywood County Rescue Squad arrived on scene. 
Over the years, Jonathan Creek Fire Department has responded to thousands of calls for assistance.  Though many ended successfully, there are always those few that don't.  Thankfully more end successfully than those that don't.  Nothing thrills us more than to see one of our patients regain strength and return to their normal life, or to see a house we've saved be fixed and the family move back in. 
Fighting fire, treating the injured and sick, rescuing the drowning, comforting the families, and all the other numerous roles we must fill don't make for an easy job, but we can think of no more noble and rewarding calling, than that which we are called to.          

2013 Jonathan Creek Fire & Rescue
87 Joe Carver Road Waynesville, NC 28785